Mascots in the Community! – Big Heads & Big Hearts

Mascots like to go-out-and-stir-up-some-fun inside and outside of the arena. Mascots are part of their community!

SirCC w/ school kid

….so, the whole team can’t make it to community stuff, they need to practice and play hard and win games. The mascot is another story. The mascots likes to get out and mix it up in the community. The mascot’s job is to win hearts for the team and to stir up some fun. They do that in the sports venues and out in the communities.

Sir C.C. is a mascot in the community. He is the really handsome, buff mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers. SirCC w/ TattooWe have been watching him flourish –  moving about the basketball court and into the greater, Cleveland community. Mascots are crucial to a team’s outreach.

Don’t you think all events are better with a mascot?

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Big Heads, Big Hearts, BIG FUN!

Mascots get out & mix it up with youth and fans. Sir C.C. has been in a dance-off on the city streets and a middle school’s summer basketball camp in Cleveland.

Sir C.C. is a sterling example of mascot magnanimity and community adventure

Mascot have big heads and big hearts and they like to get outside and have some fun!

Mascots are Everywhere! 



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