Add a New Mascot to the Mascot Mix

With mascots, the more the merrier

When one mascot shows up, you know you’re going to have fun. When more than one mascot shows up, it’s going to be a blast!

Branded products, schools and teams add mascots, beyond the original mascot to freshen up the mascot perception and add excitement and —well— enhance the ties that bind.

HopperCESDish Network had Hopper, a kangaroo for their DVR. Dish added to the home
entertainment experience with Joeys – and added smaller kangaroo mascots. Responding to the interest in mascot variety. DISH added smaller Joey characters to their mascot line-up and got immense media attention at CES

AHL Hockey has been great in promoting mascot hockey games.The whole league of mascot get together once a year for a game. There’s nothing like a team of mascots on skates!

Starting in 2016, the NHL will have a Mascot Playoff, too!

Minor league baseball has been brilliant with short mascot baseball games with local mascots showing up to test their skill on the field.

The mascots bring ticket buying fans with them, as well. Quote button

Schools have been adding mascots to their populations, as well. IUPUI, has a jovial, friendly Jaguar named, Jinx. Several years ago, IUPUI asked us to design a “Game Face” mascot, Jawz. Jinx & Jawz have been so important to IUPUI’s brand, they have now added a 3rd mascot, a girl jaguar named, Jazzy Jaguar.

JazzykissAdding a new mascot to the mascot mix boosts the audience’s enjoyment. Participation rises, and media attention is enhanced.

It means that you will be changing a loyal following to a passionate, enthusiastic following. Mascots bring people into the community. Strangers become friends. The school, brand, team becomes part of the family when the mascot are present.

We strictly adhere to the mascot maker’s formula of elements:


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