A Guide to Getting a Custom Mascot – Mascots 101

It’s far from a common purchase. It’s so uncommon, people don’t have the language for ordering a custom mascot costume. If you’re thinking about a mascot, but don’t know where to start, AvantGarb’s  Mascots 101  is for you. Think of it as your mascot guide.

It has answers to many questions like:

  • Getting a mascot design. We will make a dynamic, compelling design.Our mascot designs are made to fit a performer. The designs also have graphic integrity for print, signage, clothing, on the web, etc.
  • Understanding mascot costs for a custom mascot.
  • How to order a custom mascot.

There is also a quick explanation of something we call, mascotology, mascot marketing strategy and the importance of craftsmanship.
MaxOnTheIceYou may have ordered custom mascots before, but feel like you could use a little refresher course because:

  • You got a mascot several years ago but can’t quite remember how you did it.
  • You want a new mascot that looks like the old mascot – only better looking!
  • You want to add to your current mascot population.

Check out Mascots 101.

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2 thoughts on “A Guide to Getting a Custom Mascot – Mascots 101

  1. I would like to request a quote for a solar panel mascot. I am certainly open to ideas, but I imagine soley being about 7 feet tall, a large solar panel that goes from the knees to up over the head, and a width to each elbow with a large face painted on the front, along with some messenging on the front and back. I look forward to hearing from you.

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