Three Questions you need to answer about your Mascot Brand!

David Raymond, aka the Mascot Doctor, was the original Phillie Phanatic performer. He is the founder of modern mascotting. He is the guy who walked the walk and perfected the wiggle.
Dave is our guest blogger for “A Mascot Makers’s Musings”. I always pay attention to what he has to say.

The Mascot Doctor is in the house and has three very important questions you need to answer to see if your mascot brand is in tip top shape. Just consider it a free check up with no needles, no pain and never any rubber gloves!

What would Disney do?

Maybe a better question…if you had Mickey Mouse as your mascot brand how would you be using him tomorrow? You would make sure your mascot brand was leveraged on every single communication or marketing asset you controlled. You would have dedicated mascot brand pages on your website. Your mascot brand would lead all of your communications and would be the face of your community outreach. Your stadium would contain mascot themed areas in concessions, merchandise, signage and facilities. Just think of all the places those “mickey ears” would be powerful!

Do you only have a “kid in a suit”?

Remember your mascot brand is not just a “kid in a suit”. It should be a living, breathing brand extension for your organization. When your fans come in contact with your brand it is all about memorable fun. What better asset do you have than your mascot brand? What other marketing initiative do your fans flock to, hug, take pictures with and share on all their social media channels? What other marketing asset creates emotional and memorable connections with your partners and fans? Answer to all those questions is “none” so treat it as you would any other powerful asset.

Do you care?

If you don’t care about your mascot brand then why should your fans, partners or staff care? Make sure your character costume is professionally cleaned regularly so it looks good and more importantly, smells good! Create permanent storage and costume care space for your mascot brand. Your performer should be trained and talented. Invest in training for your performer and make them accountable for developing a fun and interesting personality for your mascot. If you act like you care about your mascot brand then they will care as well!

Mascot Intervention 

What if your mascot program could produce $30,000 to $40,000 of new revenue each year? Would you be willing to invest just a fraction of that in time and cost to find out how? Dr. Dave Raymond and his team of mascot health care professionals have the knowledge and tools to whip your mascot program into shape now! Just click on the Mascot Doctor and request a FREE consultation today! We promise it won’t hurt a bit !!!

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