National Mascot Association


There are a lot of mascots running around, but there’s no central spot where mascots can check in and come together…

….That is, until NOW!



Become a member of the National Mascot Association. The first 6 months are FREE!

At AvantGarb, we are big fans of everything mascot. All mascots bring joy and curiosity whether they are totally fabulous, or a teensy bit ragged from age. Mascots create community for all who are near them.

As mascot makers, we like to connect with:

  • other mascot makers
  • mascot performers
  • designers
  • trainers – yes, really -get some training for your mascot!
  • the marketing people who have incredible ideas for characters.
  • The suppliers of the mascot stuff,
  • the people who dye the fabric,
  • the sewing machine guys,
  • the fabric & fuzz suppliers,
  • the foam suppliers
  • …and everyone who fills orders at McMaster-Carr.
  • the people who know where to get the props,, comes to mind,
  • the video people who catch the amazing mascot moments,
  • ….and the mascot fans.
Fuzzier Together – Safer Together.

…and we will have mascot safety guideline – for the performers, handlers, organizations, makers and planners. We will also have a certification process for mascot performers.

Charging Ahead!

I hope you join us on the journey to create the National Mascot Association. First we will be a virtual organization. When there is enough interest we will gather, meet, talk, present, exchange information

…..and, well, it is a mascot organization…so there will be hilarity and disorganization, too.

Everything changes when a mascot shows up because, when a mascot shows up, you know you’re going to have fun. Welcome to the NMA!

©Jennifer Smith 2017


One thought on “National Mascot Association

  1. Interesting idea. I’m surprised there wasn’t a mascot association. I think mascots a such a key component of a brand’s image.

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