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We live in a world of fuzz, fluff, foam and googlie eyes at AvantGarb. Here in MascotLand, the mood of the studio and ease of collaboration rules. That’s the only way we can get to good mascot design – to be the best mascoteer engineers we can be!

When designing and producing a new mascot, we gather together to ponder a seam, contemplate a collar, engineer and re-imagine the interior structure. We are mascoteer engineers. It’s called, Mascotology.

IMG_1022Making a big belly requires a some foam that is covered in athletic mesh and stabilized with hoops – they look like hula-hoops, but are custom made to match the contours of the belly.

The mascoteers at AvantGarb work together on all aspects of the mascot. The body needs to work with the  head. The legs need to fit into the shoes….and don’t even get me started on the hats! We’re big on Big Millinery!

Rocket science accuracy is sometimes part of the engineering.It turns out, putting on and taking off (for easier shipping) a couple of Really Large Antenna, on TiVo, is a very complex bit of engineering.

We are, after all, great character builders – Mascoteer Engineers.TiVo mascot - inner structureTiVo in Greenwich Village - NYC

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