The Mascot Studio – Mascot Makers in the Old Car Factory

The Mascot Studio – Location, location, location!

AvantGarb is in the coolest building in the United States. Way back in the day, it was a car factory. Now we make mascots here in our mascot studio.

We’re the only ones who make mascots here, however, we have a plethora of neighbors – artist, techies ad agencies and a restaurant. Since we’re in Indianapolis, the epicenter of car racing, we have race car maintenance here, as well!

There is also a street that goes through the building.

The Stutz Business & Arts Center is an old car factory. Stutz Bearcats used to be made here—in our studio, you can see fragments of the old factory workings –lotsa pipes and wheels controlling the steam heat. The building is warm in the winter and it’s cool in the summer —well, the building is always cool is the coolest sense.

Like Where You Work 

It’s good for the soul, and really good for business to like the place you work in…..and we like the where we work. The location, and, of course, the work!!!
hipping & Receiving Hub

We ship mascots all over the country and all over the world. AvantGarb is in Indianapolis, a shipping hub. With a 24/7 loading dock, shipping & receiving is efficient & hassle-free.

Race Cars, Tech, Art & Mascots

The building is still filled with cars. The building was designed to be a place where real, The Car Room has a very cool collection of cars. Sometimes We, at Avant Garb, meet with clients, strategize mascot strategies and gaze at beautiful carstangible objects are made. It was also designed to be a place that holds ideas and innovation.
Originally, Stutz Bearcat cars were made here.  Now there are tech companies, artists and a mascot making studio. Innovation continues everyday.

Whenever we meet with client at our studio, we also show them around the building to look at the old Stutz cars and the newer Lamborghinis and Corvettes.


Rather than cars going up and down the large, freight elevators it’s mascot being shipped out into the world.

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This high-heel chair was perfect for sewing a license plate onto Safety Sammy. the TMAF Truck mascot


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