Gritty, the New Mascot for Philadelphia Flyers Hockey


There’s a new mascot in Mascotland. His name is Gritty. He’s caused a stir and we’ve noticed. So has everybody else. He is everywhere. He’s on TV, he’s all over social media and he’s on the tip of everybody’s tongue Gritty is the new mascot for Philadelphia Flyers Hockey.

 He’s Big. Fat. Orange. He also has wild googlie eyes and a slightly unpredictable manner.

At first glance he seems like an pretty unusual mascot.

We first looked at him and said, “Huh!?”

The introduction of Gritty has been brilliant. We know some of the key players who brought him to life – Gritty isn’t one of ours. We know some of the people who have had a hand in conceptualizing, making and plotting his introduction. They are a knowledgable bunch.

Since Gritty arrived on the scene, we have all talked to each other about, well, Gritty. There is a whole Gritty photoshop movement on twitter ( and his twitter feed is worth a read). He’s hung out with Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais. He’s been on GMA.

The big, shaggy orange guy is doing everything a mascot should do. He’s bringing people into the house. He’s the Flyers most ardent fan.

He’s adorably, socially awkward and he  mostly l-o-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-e-s everybody inside  the arena and out.

Gritty, the new mascot for Philadelphia Flyers Hockey is BRILLIANT. He’s bringing new fans to hockey and he’s introducing neighbors to each other. He has already made a Big, Big Impression because he is a BIG, BIG mascot.

Gritty has no boundaries. He reaches out to everyone and we are all reaching back.

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