A Truck Mascot with Blinking Lights!


An “Ooooh & Aah” Truck Video Video 

We made a Truck mascot named, Safety Sammy, for Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF). It has lights that turn on & they blink! The video above is one of our “ooh & aah” studio videos.

We worked closely with the visioneers at Story Partners on this mascot. First, our designer made several, custom, character designs. With an approved design we moved onto mascot creation – bringing the Safety Sammy the Truck, to life.

Standing Around a Work Table & Making Plans

There are lots of parts and plans that had to come together to make a big, big mascot like this one. We stood around a worktable in the mascot studio, talking through the process. To clarify our ideas, we made lo tech, simple, pencil sketches. 

We knew what the truck would look like because we had the character design. We had to figure out what the interior structure would look like and what it needed to do.

The Truck has an intense inner structure, that we designed, engineered & built  just as dazzling as the truck’s exterior.

That inner structure is lightweight. It includes:

  • An intuitive harness so the performer can move safely through venues.
  •  Interior handles so the performer can give the mascot personality with signature moves.
  • Visible & simple controls for the the light features.
  • Terrific vision for the performer.

This mascot was an exciting challenge.

We were up to the challenge, because we are always up to the challenge.

We have high, high standards and the knowledge, talent and vision to grab hold of the fabric, fur, fuzz and foam. We sculpt, sew, engineer and wire in the technology.

Need a mascot with razzle dazzle – We know how to do it!

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