Ordering Your Custom Mascot Costume

It’s an unusual purchase

Ordering a custom mascot costume is such an unusual purchase, often, people don’t have the vocabulary for it.

We’ve been making mascot since before mascot were even a “thing”. We’ll guide you through it.

An investment in a durable, effective, high-quality, physical, branding character will create a warm and fuzzy ROI for sure —or really, a ROL – Return on Loyalty.

When someone falls in love with your mascot, they fall in love with your product, be it tangible – like candy –  or intangible – like team loyalty. Here’s the guide to ordering your custom mascot.

A Significant Investment

Investment in a custom mascot is the most lively component within your organization’s marketing strategy. Think about your audience, your public, your peeps. We’ve been around the block a few time. We’ll guide you through ordering your custom mascot.

Creating your Mascot Costume

We tailor our creation process to meet your needs.  In general though, here’s how it works:

1. We ask you for as much information as you can provide about what you think you might want – for example:

  • Do you have a character design?
  • If not, we have the best designer in the business. We’ll design a dynamite character.
  • Do you want us to refine & update a current mascot?
  • Are you adding a mascot to your mascot mix?
  • What is your timeline?
  • Do you know what you want to achieve with your mascot?
  • Will your mascot travel locally? regionally? nationally? all around the world?
  • Will your mascot need a wardrobe or just one outfit?
  • How often will your mascot be used?

…after chatting, emailing, texting, and meeting (if possible or necessary) — we will generate ideas for the look of the mascot. At this point, AvantGarb will craft a proposal with description, timeline & costs.

2. When you say YES! LET’S GO!!  —the fun begins!

3. We’ll start drawing!!! Changes in shape, color, expression, size of ears, length of tail, etc., will be made to the sketches until you are satisfied with the concept/drawing.

4. When you’re happy with the design, we will put together a package with design, fabric and fuzz swatch samples …. we will begin work on your mascot(s).

5. Patterns are made, custom-dying of fabric happens, sculpting the head and shaping the body begins! We cobble BIG mascot shoes, apply logos, couture really BIG mascot clothes, hats and accessories (yes, mascot have accessories!).

6. …and then we stitch, stitch, stitch – all of the fuzz, fluff, fabric, and foam. we stitch the bodies, the muscles, tee shirts, tuxedos, swimsuits, sunglasses and tutus. We will make sure your mascot has the right attire for every occasion.

7. When your mascot is complete, the mascot is shipped to you.

And you’ll welcome home a valuable new member – a lively addition to your marketing team.

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