A Grocery Bag Mascot for Kroger

A Grocery Bag Mascot

The Kroger Grocery Bag Mascot was a fun, fun, fun project! The Bag is named, “Big K”. He’s happy, excited, has a nice bowtie and a bevy of glorious groceries.

We designed the Kroger products to have an animated look with simple graphics and the Kroger logo.

We placed all of the Kroger logos at the top of the grocery boxes, cans, bags, bottles and jars. We wanted it to appear as a kind of “crown” of Kroger products.


Figuring out the patterns for celery and bananas was a challenge and we were up to it.

The celery and bananas are an added visual delight to an already awesome mascot!

Big K – The Mascot Diplomat

Big K, the Kroger grocery bag mascot, is a diplomat, Kroger’s representative at events that matter in the community like parades, charitable runs, festival. there are dozens of event where Big K, the Grocery Bag presence enhances the brand.

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