The Best Mascot Company

Are we the best mascot company?

We’re awfully good at what we do. We have to be. We’re not a mascot factory. We are a mascot studio. What we do is custom, custom, custom, custom. We make sure all of the unique parts of your mascot come together. If the tail has a bit of a curve, we give it the curve.



If you want a pancreas , a muscle and a couple of cholesterols, we design them, dye the fabric and bring them to life!


Sergeant Squeeze - Heinz mascotWhen Heinz needs a mascot (Sergeant Squeeze) in camo & mascot sized, desert storm boots, we’re there!

If you’re Oyster Recovery, we’ll make you a cute, endearing, dare I say, “stylish” Oyster.

Shelly the Oyster

When the Cav’s mascots want tattoos, we make it happen.

SirCC w/ Tattoo

Need some big, big muscles?

Muscle mascot arm -Laura

And if you are Kona the Penguin and you have a favorite print on your Hawaiian shirt, we will have that print made, as well as make the lei and some really swell flip-flops.Kona Ice Penguin Mascot

Each mascot is an original designed, sculpted, stitched and engineered in our studio. All the fabrics, furs, and foams are hand selected for each mascot. Often the fabrics, and sometimes even the furs, are custom dyed to match corporate colors.

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A Mascots is the real live, Relationship Building, Marketing Magnet & Brand Awareness Monster. It had better look good.

Is AvantGarb the Best? We think so.

Thinking about a mascot? Get in touch …or call 317-423-2276

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